Name - Joćo Gabriel Gaetti 

Age - 31years 

Position - Middle Defensive

Height - 1.83 metres

Weight - 86 kg 

Soccer Teams Clubs

Brazilian teams: Bragantino Soccer Club (SP), Londrina Soccer Club (PR) and Comercial of Viēosa Soccer Club (AL);

Finnish teams - A.C. Oulu, Närpes Kraft, Pallo Iirot - Rauma, FC Popa and FC Jazz Juniorit.

Soccer Championships Participation

Sao Paulo infantile, juvenile and juniors - Championships;

Sao Paulo Soccer Junior Cup;

Londrina Soccer Cup;

Alagoas Soccer Championship - first division;

Finnish Championship second and first and second  and tird divisions.

Suomi Cup - Champion (Piku Finali/09)

Game style

Acting as middle defensive, leaving for the game easyly, a lot of force physics. Also acting for the right and for the left side.

Academic Graduation

Graduated in Physical Education.  

Extra courses

Physical Preparation in Soccer;

Physiology of the Exercise;

Scientific Base of Physical Preparation in Soccer;

Sporting Physiology;

School physical education;

Course of soccer trainings (tactics, positioning and techniques).