Reproduction of an article of the team's Captain FC Jazz Juniors, Jussi Leinonen for a Pori sport news– Finland.

Who is Jony?

   It was February 2008 when I went to training as usual. When I got in to the locker-room, I noticed that there was a new guy. That guy had a brown skin, brown eyes and brown hair. He was middle height and he truly looked like a Brazilian football player. His name is Joao Gaetti well known as Jony. He started training in our team and almost immediately I got a chance to talk with him and get to know him better. Months and tens of trainings went by and Gaetti became a part of the team. He had lots of principles and he was a very sincere person. He speaks very directly what he thinks and is very open unlike most of the Finnish people. Every time he came to training his mentality was to do his best and enjoy football. Always joking and shouting funny things before, during and after the trainings, that is what I recognize Gaetti from.

   Gaetti’s training attitude is hard as a rock and we young players in FC Jazz juniors have lots to learn from him. And I’m sure we did learn from Gaetti during the long and hard season 2008. But all tough the season was long and hard, we did it. We won our series and rose to the Finnish second division. That was a great achievement from a young team and Gaetti had his big part to play in these 20 games. We were lucky to get Gaetti to our team and I think that Gaetti was also lucky to play in our team with young, talented and hungry players. Sweat, frustration, bad feelings and hard trainings behind us, but still there are hundreds of good memories about this season and about this team that will never be forgotten.

Jussi Leinonen, the Captain of FC Jazz Juniors in season 2008


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